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Proudly Australian owned Shipping your products from Eastern Melbourne
Trusted by Physios Only supports and braces brand endorsed by the APA
Industry Experts Supporting Australians to live life unstoppable for over 30 years


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General wear and tear, tennis & golfers elbow support through to arthritic pain management.

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General sprains and strains, carpal tunnel and arthritic pain management through to advanced stabilisation.

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General wear and tear support through to shoulder instability, arthritis or tendon condition rehabilitation.

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General support and compression through to advanced heat therapy and stability.

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Hernia and sacroiliac belts to support for the hip and groin area.

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General wear and tear compression and support for the calf and thigh.

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General wear and tear support, arthritic pain, patella support through to advanced stabilisation.

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Ankle sprains and strains through to Planter Fasciitis, arch and arthritic pain.

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EXO Stabilising Knee Sleeve

Designed for weak or injured knee conditions such as runner knee and patella dislocation, the EXO...

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Dynamic Compression Knee Sleeve

Designed for comfort, this knee sleeve has built-in targeted variable support for pre and post-in...

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Dynamic Compression Knee Stabiliser

This knee stabiliser is designed with variable compression zones and anti-slip technology to cush...

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4-Way Compression Knee Sleeve

Designed to provide protection and support for weak and injured knees. This 4-Way knee sleeve use...

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Adjustable Figure 8 Ankle Wrap

This adjustable ankle wrap is designed with a figure 8 system to offer personalised levels of com...

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Compression Ankle Sleeve

Designed to contour the ankle seamlessly for optimal support and compression of weak or injured a...

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Thermal Ankle Support

The Thermal Ankle Support sleeve provides compression and general support to ongoing or chronic a...

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Dynamic Compression Ankle Sleeve

Designed to comfortably contour the ankle providing targeted variable support pre and post-injury...

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Dynamic Compression Elbow Sleeve

The Dynamic Compression Elbow Sleeve has been crafted to deliver focused and adjustable support t...

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Compression Elbow Sleeve

This elbow sleeve offers a comfortable fit with its anatomical, seamless design, providing light,...

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EXO Adjustable Elbow Wrap

Designed to provide protection and support the EXO thermal Adjustable Elbow Wrap features our exc...

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EXO Dual Pad Tennis Elbow Support

The EXO Dual Pad Tennis Elbow Support provides targeted protection and compression to the problem...

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Thermal Adjustable Lumbar Support

The Thermal Adjustable Lumbar Support combines compression, support and thermal properties to tar...

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EXO Adjustable Stabilising Back Support

Designed to help relieve muscular pain and stabilise the lower-mid back. Integrated stabilisers c...

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Adjustable Back Stabiliser

Provides compression and support for general lower back injuries and pain. This elastic back has ...

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Abdominal Binder

Post-surgical support and compression of the abdominal, and rib areas are provided by this Abdomi...

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Sport Adjustable Thigh Hamstring Wrap

This Sport Thigh Hamstring Support offers protection of the thigh, groin, and hamstring during ph...

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Sport Adjustable Calf Support

This Sport Calf Support offers compression and warmth to the calf area, ensuring ultimate comfort...

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Plantar FXT Compression Socks Calf

Designed with compression zones that target the feet all the way up to the calves. These compress...

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Adjustable Multi Purpose Wrap

The most convenient way to reduce soft tissue injuries and support weakened muscles. Featuring a ...

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Sacroiliac Support Belt

The SI belt provides compression and stability support for the sacroiliac joint, its slimline des...

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Hernia Belt

Flexible front pads provide support and compression to inguinal hernias that have been diagnosed ...

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Compression Wrist Wrap

This wrist wrap provides customisable compression, ensuring optimised support for your weak and i...

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Adjustable Wrist Wrap

The Adjustable Wrist Wrap provides support, protection to weak and injured wrists and soft tissue...

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EXO Adjustable Wrist Support

Designed to provide flexible support for both the left and right wrist. The EXO Adjustable Wrist ...

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Adjustable Wrist Brace

This Adjustable Wrist Brace offers the ideal support for weak or injured wrists, including those ...

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Thermal Adjustable Shoulder with V Stabiliser

The Adjustable Shoulder with V Stabiliser features a cutaway design to provide support for should...

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Soft Clavicle Collar

This clavicle collar works to comfortably restrict neck movement,  promoting recovery, and provid...

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Clavicle Posture Support

This Clavicle Posture Support helps to support and correct collarbone positioning after trauma an...

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Thermal Adjustable Neck Wrap

Providing heat and compression to the neck region. This brace is easily applied with a fastener a...

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Compression supports contour to the shape of the affected area to provide even compression to reduce swelling and support for injured muscles and joints.

Best for: Within the first 72 hours of an acute (sudden) injury to reduce swelling & general support for ongoing muscle maintenance post injury.

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For enhanced recovery and rehabilitation, our exclusive thermo regulation material has been clinically validated to convert moisture into heat working to increase muscle temperature and blood flow to aid recovery.

Best for: Post 72 hours & for chronic or overuse injuries for enhanced recovery and rehabilitation.

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Designed with a unique 3 layer material technology to assist with performance, durability and comfort, during periods of increased activity.

Best for: Providing support during increased activity.

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Frequently asked questions

Search via your injury or via our quick and easy support selector to find the best suited support for your injury or requirements.

It is important that the correct size is worn to ensure effective treatment. To determine the size required, use a tape measure and check the Thermoskin Measurement Chart to help with selecting the correct size. Thermoskin products should be a comfortable fit, not too tight. These size guides can be found on under each product listing or product box.

Yes, it should always be worn against the skin.

Thermoskin thermal supports can be worn at any time. For best results we recommend the following:

  • During the winter months Thermoskin thermal supports can be worn prior to, during or after the activity. During the summer months Thermoskin should be worn before and after the activity only.
  • Use during the activity should be at the users discretion and comfort.

For thermal treatment to be truly effective, the heat needs to be applied continuously for long periods and during a range of activity levels. This is obviously impossible with traditional thermal treatment that require immobility. Thermoskin thermal supports are an easier and convenient form of thermal treatment.

Yes, they can be worn to bed at night. Anecdotal evidence has shown that if the Thermoskin thermal support is worn during sleep there is a minimising of pain occurring.

No. Thermoskin Thermal Supports are manufactured using 3 types of materials: nylon (outer layer), a non porous rubberised material (mid layer) and a synthetic fibre (Trioxon inner layer). None of these materials contain latex.

No, do not use ointments, liniments or oils under Thermoskin products as it reduces the life of the product by breaking down the material. Creams and lotions when used under a Thermoskin product could also irritate the skin.

If a rash appears, discontinue use until the rash subsides. Wash the product and re-apply periodically. To discourage the rash reappearing we recommend to users, that while bathing they scrub the area that the product has covered. If a rash continues, please consult your Doctor.

Thermoskin product warranty covers manufacturing faults for twelve months from the date of purchase. Does not cover misuse or wear and tear or change of mind.

It is recommended to place your support or brace in a delicates washing bag. Machine wash in cold water. Drip dry. Do not wring, twist, tumble dry, bleach or dry in direct sunlight. Do not wash in hot water as this may cause the product to shrink in size.

If worn, around the house, at the office or in bed, wash Thermoskin every 2 or 3 days. If worn during sports activity or heavy work, wash daily.

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