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General wear and tear support, arthritic pain, patella support through to advanced stabilisation.

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If you are experiencing weakness in the knee or have suffered a knee related injury, a knee brace or support will help provide compression and support to the area. Our Thermal supports also provide additional heat and healing benefits to the knee but should only be worn 72 hours post injury. If you injury is more recent or you do not require the healing benefits of our thermal range, please view our compression range.

A knee brace provides compression and support to the area affected by injury helping to reduce inflammation and pain to the area. Our Thermal knee supports also work to increase blood flow and circulation to enhance recovery.

Use our quick and easy support selector to find the best suited support for your injury or requirements.

Thermal knee supports will help warm the area and promote blood flow and circulation, helping to reduce inflammation and pain to the area. 

For as long as you require. 

This will differ depending on what kind of knee brace or support you choose. At Thermoskin we offer a range of pull-on knee supports and open wrap knee supports – check packaging for instructions. 

Provided your support is unworn and with-in 30 days of purchase, you can return for exchange of size or refund of the product price.

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