Lumber/Lower Back Support Brace - Thermoskin

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General support and compression through to advanced heat therapy and stability.

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If you are experiencing weakness in the lower back or have suffered a lower back related injury, a back brace or support will help provide compression and support to the area. Our Thermal supports also provide additional heat and healing benefits to the back but should only be worn 72 hours post injury. If your injury is more recent or you do not require the healing benefits of our thermal range, please view our compression range.

Our back braces provide compression and support where you need it most, helping to maintain stability to the area. Our range of Thermal back supports also work to increase blood flow and circulation to enhance recovery for additional pain management.

Lumbar Support Thermal EXO™ Adjustable Stabilising Back Support  and Adjustable Back Stabiliser are all great options when it comes to addressing lower back pain.

You should always practice bending and lifting using correct posture/procedure. Back supports will provide compression and support, not prevent injuries.

Our back supports open up and velcro around the body. If your back support has straps, ensure you undo these from the main support, close the front support velcro first, then grab the straps that are hanging down and fasten them over the original closure where you feel most comfortable. This will differ between back products please refer to the packaging for specific instructions.

As long as it feels comfortable to do so.

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