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Plantar Compression Socks Calf

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Designed with compression zones that target the feet all the way up to the calves. These compression socks provide advanced pain management of plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, arch pain, shin splints, heel spurs, varicose veins, and swollen or tired aching legs.

These support socks can help stimulate blood flow so you can minimise and prevent pain.  Ideal for sports performance, sports recovery, standing or sitting all day, and travel.

Sold as a pair.

Support level: Firm/Moderate

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  • Moderate graduated compression from the ankle to calf, which promotes blood flow
  • Firm compression around the Achilles tendon providing support and comfort
  • Moderate to firm compression band around foot arch for additional support
  • Firm upward compression at the plantar fascia attachment to unload stress
  • Silver microbial fibres in toe and heel for anti-bacterial and anti-odour benefits
  • Foot pad at ball of foot for extra comfort


If you have a history of blood clots, arterial circulation problems, or if pain persists please consult your medical professional.

Care Instructions

It is recommended to place the product in a delicates washing bag. Machine wash with cold water. Drip dry. Do not wring, tumble dry, iron or bleach.

Warranty Description

Covered by a 12 month guarantee against faulty workmanship or materials


75% Nylon, 25% Spandex. Does not contain Latex. - Made in Taiwan

Special Features

  • Dynamic Compression
  • Breathable
  • Foot and arch support
  • Releif from shin splints

Related Injuries

Various foot and heel complaints Plantar Fasciitis Archilles Tendonitis Sports Performance and Recovery


Place thumb inside socks and gather material. Slip each foot inside and gradually pull up over heel and over the leg. Adjust to fit in foot and heel until comfortable. Gently slide socks up each leg. Note: To ensure correct level of compression, do not fold socks over when worn.

Occasion to be worn

Everyday use


Plantar Compression Socks Calf

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Craig Smith
Great Socks if you spend your day on your feet

This is my third re purchase of these socks now so I have enough for a pair each day. As I spend all day on my feet at work these socks greatly reduce fatigue in my legs. I also purchased a ankle sleeve to support a sprain type injury i had many years ago . I can also say I will be buying more in the future as they wear out. Great Product.

Toby Raeburn
Great product really helped alleviate my foot pain

Great product

Vanessa M.
Compression socks

Great service
Great fit
Very comfortable

Amazing quality and support

Perfect fit
The support around my ankles and calf meant i felt no pain from my shin splints
A must have for people with shin splints or needing extra support

Light on my feet now

I really enjoy wearing these socks and find that they rejuvenate my feet all day the only thing is that I have veins behind my calf and they do press against the veins and they do Hurt as they are tight beind the calf near my knee area. I take them off at night they are a mission to put on/off especially if youre female with nails i will purchase more I love the feeling of having no more pain of my plantar fasciitis as soon as i put them on. the last few months with covid-19, I havent been walking around much and that has aggravated my plantar fasciitis to be so painful with every step hurt so bad I needed to find a solution and sometimes its hard because Ive had this pain for 20 years and nothing has really worked thanks to this brand I now can go shopping can be on my feet all day and have absolutely no pain Im a 40-year-old woman who is overweight 100kgs for my small size 6 feet it is a strain to have the weight on the feet and Bones Im so glad I found this socks and I also have the ankle socks version of these as well which Im enjoying they are much easy to put on. I alternate between the calf socks and the above ankle socks. I highly recommend if you have plantar fasciitis to invest in these socks hopefully they help with my veins because they do hurt but well see how we go with that.

Oh and I tried many other brands the last two weeks trying to find a solution and none of them seem to be as good as thermo skin they';re very good quality company and I will continue to purchase if the quality continues to be this great.

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