Elevate Patient Care and Enhance Your Practice

Elevate Patient Care and Enhance Your Practice

At Thermoskin, we are dedicated to supporting the recovery journeys of individuals through our premium range of braces and supports. Our commitment extends beyond providing top-quality products; we aim to forge strong partnerships with healthcare professionals, particularly physiotherapists, who are at the forefront of patient care. We understand the challenges and pressures of the healthcare industry and are excited to introduce the Thermoskin Affiliate Program, designed to empower professionals like you. 

The Thermoskin Affiliate Program: A Win-Win for Professionals and Patients

We have tailored the Thermoskin Affiliate Program to be as beneficial for healthcare professionals as it is for patients. Here’s what it entails:

Seamless Sign-Up: Starting your partnership with us is as simple as visiting Thermoskin.com and creating an account. We've streamlined the process to ensure you can begin recommending products to your patients without delay.

Mutual Benefits: Through our program, you earn a 10% commission on purchases made via your unique affiliate link. Simultaneously, your patients benefit from a 10% discount on their orders, making Thermoskin quality products more accessible. 

Comprehensive Support: We provide a suite of digital and print assets to facilitate your communication with patients about Thermoskin products. Whether through your website, email newsletters, or printed materials in your practice, we ensure you have the resources you need to inform and recommend confidently.


Advantages of Partnering with Thermoskin


Direct Impact on Patient Recovery: Recommending Thermoskin products allows you to contribute significantly to your patients' rehabilitation and comfort, reinforcing the trust they place in you. 

Additional Revenue with No Extra Hassle: Our affiliate program offers a straightforward way to generate additional income without the complexities of stock management or financial investment.

Focus on What Matters: With Thermoskin managing order fulfillment and customer service, you can concentrate on providing exceptional care, knowing your recommendations are supported by a reliable and efficient service.

Strengthen Patient Relationships: By offering exclusive discounts and recommending products that genuinely aid recovery, you enhance patient satisfaction and loyalty.


Join Our Professional Network

At Thermoskin, we value the role of physiotherapists and healthcare professionals in improving lives. Our affiliate program is just one of the many ways we seek to support and collaborate with you. By partnering with us, you not only enhance the therapeutic options available to your patients but also join a community committed to health and recovery.


We invite you to take the first step towards a rewarding partnership. Visit Thermoskin.com to sign up for the Thermoskin Affiliate Program today and join us in our mission to support recovery and improve lives, one patient at a time.

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