Harness the Healing Power of Heat

Harness the Healing Power of Heat

Have you ever been told to apply heat to an injury? Heat therapy is an effective way to reduce pain, loosen muscles, and improve circulation. From saunas, warm compresses to thermal supports and braces, there are many ways to access the healing power of heat. Let’s look at some of the benefits of using heat on injuries.

Reduce Pain and Soreness

Heat therapy is recommended in the management of pain after a minimum of 72 hours and can be used in place of or in combination with medications and other treatments. It is especially helpful for reducing pain caused by sore muscles, joint stiffness, tendonitis, or chronic injuries such as arthritis. The heat increases the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the affected area which helps reduce inflammation and relaxes the muscle fibres so they can heal. The warmth also encourages your body to release endorphins – naturally occurring hormones that block pain signals from reaching your brain.

Improve Circulation

Heat stimulates your circulatory system, making it easier for your body’s natural healing powers to work their magic. When injured muscle tissues are exposed to warm temperatures, blood vessels widen which allows more oxygen-rich blood into the area where it is needed most. This provides a boost in nutrients that help speed up recovery time.

Increase Range of Motion

Heat helps improve flexibility by loosening tight muscles which decreases stiffness and improves range of motion. This is especially beneficial for those suffering from arthritis and often experience stiff joints due to limited movement over time. Applying heat before stretching or exercise can help get your joints moving smoothly again while reducing discomfort along the way.

Thermal Supports and Braces

Combine the benefits of heat therapy and compression into one easy to wear brace specially targeting where the pain is. Our  thermal supports and braces are designed to convert sweat into heat making them dry and comfortable to wear all day long.

Heat therapy has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for pain relief and improved mobility. From warm baths and hot compresses to saunas and thermal supports and braces, there are many ways you can access its healing powers right at home. If you’re looking for an alternative solution for managing pain or improving circulation before exercise, try harnessing the healing power of heat today!

* Please note that the information provided in this blog does not replace professional advice. 

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