5 steps to continue your success from Stadium Stomp!

5 steps to continue your success from Stadium Stomp!

5 steps to continue your success from Stadium Stomp!

Continue to achieve your lifestyle, fitness and health goals using these 5 simple steps.

Congratulations on having completed the Stadium Stomp, you have set yourself up on a great platform to continue working on your individual lifestyle, fitness and health goals!    

As the Performance and Injury Prevention Partner for the 2018 Stadium Stomp series, Thermoskin and CoolXChange are here to continue to help guide stompers in how best to train for improved performance, whilst assisting you with a quicker recovery and providing increased support in the prevention and management of injuries. 

Follow these 5 steps to continue your success from the Stadium Stomp:

1) Set measurable goals 

Create goals by listing out of what you would like to achieve and writing down the steps required to turn those goals into reality. Making measurable and specific goals provides a clearer path to take to achieve them. This could be running your personal best time, finishing your first marathon or being physically prepared for your next event. Once deciding on your ultimate goal, remember to set small, specific, mini goals. By breaking up the challenge you are allowing yourself to focus on the journey rather than the end result, which can often seem overwhelming. 

2) Prepare your body for exercise 

Stretching before a workout allows the body to become more pliable and less prone to injury. The muscles that should be stretched will be the main muscle groups that are going to be worked on during the physical activity. Stretching improves your performance in physical activities, decreases risk of injuries and helps your joints move through their full range of motion, enabling your muscles to work most effectively. 

3) Stay on track by preventing injuries and setbacks 

Time lost on the sidelines waiting to recover means lost momentum and progress. To avoid the frustration, costs and pain be sure to give your body the best chance possible in terms of the prevention and management of strains, aches and pains. The Thermoskin range assists in the prevention, management and treatment of niggles and injuries, products such as the Thermoskin Sports Ankle Adjustable are ideal for a range of activities, meaning you can use it for a number of types of exercise and sports.  

4) Recover the right way   

Having recently completed the Stadium Stomp it will be natural to be experiencing aches, pains and stiffness in your joints. This is often due to having completed an activity using a different body part than what you would normally use or that the physical activity was more than your body is used to.The CoolXChange gel bandage provides cooling and compression to help you recover from a hard workout. As CoolXChange does not require refrigeration, you can easily store in your glove box or sports bag ready for use. This will allow you to recover from muscle strains and sprains faster and more effectively.


5) Have fun and reward yourself  

Celebrate your achievements, no matter how small. Making a commitment to a healthier lifestyle is a tremendous achievement, even if your fitness goal is a little harder to reach than you first thought. Flip back to the start of your training diary and appreciate how far you’ve come. Continue to monitor your progress regularly and be open to adapting to changing circumstances. Remember not to be too hard on yourself and to give yourself a pat on the back for doing your best. 

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