Thermoskin increases its global reach

Thermoskin increases its global reach

Thermoskin increases its global reach

Thermoskin, has expanded its global footprint to 18 countries having recently signed deals to export to Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Hong Kong. It is also eyeing the lucrative Indian market.

Thermoskin Chief Executive Matthew Symington said Asia was a primary focus for the company because of its economic prosperity and proximity.

Mr Symington said the new countries will take various components of the Thermoskin range including its new sports product range as well as its pain management products such as its arthritic glove.

"Every country is different in what products they take. It depends on whether they are selling to retail, into the medical profession or another sector altogether," he said.

Mr Symington said that in Australia the Thermoskin business has changed dramatically in recent years with 70% of products now used for everyday pain management with its sport injury products making up the remaining 30%.

He said the company's new range of sports products - released earlier this year - had been selling above expectations.

The Thermoskin Sport range has been designed with active performance requirements in mind providing warmth and comfort, support and compression and adjustability for people as they are participating in sport or recreational activities.

The range, which comes in black, includes an adjustable ankle, adjustable knee, knee stabiliser, adjustable thumb, ankle brace and adjustable wrist. The products have been designed and developed in Australia and are made from a 3-level super-stretch fabric.

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